TBD Launches c= to Make Bitcoin’s Lightning Network More Usable

• TBD, a Bitcoin-focused subsidiary of Jack Dorsey’s Block, announced c=, a new Lightning Network business.
• The purpose of the company is to provide infrastructure using bitcoin from Block’s treasury to make the Lightning Network more reliable and dependable for developers and businesses.
• c= will provide liquidity to enable transactions, collaborate with developers to provide more efficient routing and liquidity via APIs and services.

TBD Announces New Business: c=

TBD, a Bitcoin-focused subsidiary of Jack Dorsey’s Block, has announced a new Lightning Network business called c=. The purpose of the company is to “provide infrastructure using bitcoin from Block’s treasury to make bitcoin’s Lightning Network more usable and reliable for developers, businesses (such as merchants that accept Lightning payments), and those businesses’ end consumers.”

Making Transactions More Reliable

The release explains that the Lightning Network is still growing, and that transactions often fail due to liquidity shortfalls. In order to address that, “c= will build infrastructure using the bitcoin it is committing to the network so that businesses and wallets can make their Lightning transactions more reliable and dependable.”

Connections & Efficiencies

“Operating a node on the Lightning Network is all about connections; c= provides node operators — whether bitcoin wallets, individuals, or other entities that want to use the Lightning Network — with valuable connections to Lightning,” describes the announcement. “Through c=’s LSP, any business or individual running a Lightning node can gain efficiencies and make their transactions via Lightning with minimal effort and investment without having to rely on an intermediary to custody their bitcoin.”

Providing Liquidity

For Lighting node operators, c= states that it will provide liquidity yo enable transactions as well as “collaborate with developers tonprovide more efficient routing adn liquidity o node operators via APIs no services.”

A Major Presence in Bitcoin Scaling Protocols

In 2022 when Square was renamed Block TBD’s lead Mike Brock stated how they were ”building a new open source company from t ground up focused on oprn protocols d open standards that all participants in te economy can benefit from.” Now with this entrance into Bitcoin’s second layer scaling protocol TBD will have major presence in lightning infrastructures.